That's Why

If you are in the language industry, most of you will know (regardless of where you are on your journey) that it is tough to survive and make a good living out of teaching languages, and not just in the UK but everywhere in the world.

Besides, it’s an industry full of cowboys, let’s face it! (I’ve spent 6 months in Peru so surely, I can be an awesome Spanish coach… NO, you can’t.)

But that is not the only industry with unscrupulous people selling you stuff they have no expertise in. Business coaching is another one and sadly, rather renown for it.

You see, the coaching industry is not regulated.

So, anyone can call themselves a coach, ‘Instagram themselves’ on a yacht and expensive Paris restaurants and make you believe ‘they’ve made it’!

Plenty, behind the scene, are struggling entrepreneurs.

I was; and still am at time in my quest to double my company’s turnover this year (my BIG goal). I work hard, I have doubts, I get it wrong sometimes and I get stressed.

Having grown my business exponentially in the last few years does not make me immune to any of that. (It just means I consume a large amount of coffee daily and try and sleep as much as possible!)

The only difference is that, over the years, I spent time and money learning from the best and mastering business tools to make myself, and my company stronger. This is why I feel I can help others, on the same journey as I am, and who are keen to share my experience and learn from it.

I want to provide other language professionals with the resources they need that will truly help them find their niche and enjoy owning a lucrative business.

I aspire to run a Coaching and Mentoring Business for Language Professionals that I can be proud of. I don’t want to be one of these small business ‘gurus’ that talk a good talk but never walk the walk.

Besides, coaching requires a lot of work and energy but I find that it also largely motivates me to do more and be better. So, I always feel tired but grateful at the end of a coaching session.

And this is why I do what I do.

If I can help YOU in anyway, please ask.