Understand fundamentals of business… The people, the processes and systems, the numbers, how to get customers… with good marketing strategies and how to set strategic objectives.


Are you…

About to break free from the education system?
A hard working tutor unable to reach your financial goals?
A language school owner who’s about growth and desires more than the current results?

Any of the above requires a lot of change and transition.

The work you are doing, the way you are thinking, there are all sorts of changes that are going to impact you. Some of it will pass with little implications; some of it will cause anxiety.

Our brain is wired to avoid change. I’m not a life coach and won’t pretend to be. I won’t turn a mediocre business into a £1 million enterprise over a few months time. I’ve not done it myself, yet.

My role is to help you understand where you are, what you need to do to go through the different stages of growing your own business, reinforce some things and let go of others.

I won’t just be your personal cheerleader, but I will help facilitate lasting changes all the way.

I can relate to all that you are experiencing!

That’s probably why, over the last 4 to 5 years, people have come to me.


“I won’t just be your personal cheerleader, but I will help facilitate lasting changes all the way.”

I haven’t advertised or even talked about my coaching for nearly two years. It happened. In all fairness, my clients have helped me discover a passion: help other language professionals be a better version of themselves, achieve their goals and benefit from my experience and the many mistakes that I’ve made!

So I may be a little ahead of you in ‘that game’ but I’m not immune to doubt and failure. I’m still working on improving and scaling my business every single day.

To reuse one of my favourite British colloquialism!

 ‘ I don’t just talk the talk, I also walk the walk’. 

When inspired and supported, people can do amazing things…

To your success!

Nat x

“Investing in myself and working with Nathalie was positively the best money I have ever spent!”

Marie-France Samba from Paris, France

“I love your coaching sessions! I get such a buzz, not only do you inspire me you also make me feel part of something really special and on a personal angle, I feel supported, and that is priceless.”

Cécile Degg, French Tutor, UK Midlands 

“As someone in the beginning stages of my entrepreneurial career, it has been so helpful to have Nathalie as a sounding board for all the stages of developing my language coaching business.

She’s incredibly responsive and a superb big-picture thinker! When I’ve felt stuck on a particular aspect of my business, I know I can count on her to have plenty of ideas on how to move forward.”

Melissa Chapman, Neurolanguage Coach, USA

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