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Stop Thinking Big (2)

Paulo Coelho once said: “If you think big, your world will be big.” As entrepreneurs and business owners, this is a message we hear again and again: the power of thinking BIG.Today, for once, I want to talk about the benefits of thinking small. I’ve been coaching and...

STOP thinking BIG

Yes, I know, this is a bit of a strange statement coming from me! And yet, I truly mean it. Why? I have been working hard in and on my language business for the last 17 years now. I am a true entrepreneur. With the good and the bad. I think big, I take risks, I want...

I am a language coach, not a business tycoon!

In the same way that you used a process to acquire your qualifications/knowledge/experience as a language coach, you now need a process to make sure that your language coaching provides you with the outcome you’re after.

That’s Why.

If you are in the language industry, most of you will know (regardless of where you are on your journey) that it is tough to survive and make a good living out of teaching languages, and not just in the UK but everywhere in the world. Besides, it's an industry full of...

Be whom you want to be – that is your best USP

I receive comments about my hair every day. Wonderful comments, always. ‘I love your hair!’… ‘That’s really funky!’... ‘Fabulous colours!’ But mostly: ‘I’d love to have the same haircut... but there is no way I could do it’... ‘It wouldn’t suit me...’ ‘I wouldn’t...