The Business Club for Language Professionals

“It’s not about just connecting people. It’s about connecting people with people, people with ideas, and people with opportunities.”

– Michele Jennae

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could combine all the fun of a group of your friends enjoying coffee and cake (or a glass of wine in the evening, depending on the timezone of where in the world you are joining us from!) with the focus and combined industry knowledge of a business networking group?

The Business Club for Language Professionals is for passionate, engaged language professionals who understand the value of business connections, and who want to share their experiences, mistakes and successes with a group of like-minded peers.

With the overall objective of filling each other’s gaps, this virtual club is designed to provide an energised and engaging environment where we help to pull each other up.

Where language businesses are concerned there’s no single answer, no silver bullet, no one guaranteed approach that is going to turn around your business. It’s not as easy as “it worked for me, so it’ll work for you.”

Rather than selling magic beans, The Business Club for Language Professionals has a more responsive way of dealing with an individual’s specific needs based on the specific situation.

Once a month you will have the opportunity to:

Meet virtually with your business tribe

Benefit from entrepreneurial nuggets of information

Receive informal mentoring in response to your very specific needs and questions

We’ve all studied separately, followed individual entrepreneurial paths and have different stories – but at the core we’re all language professionals.
There is more to unite us than divide us!

So much in successful business boils down to your connections. The Business Club for Language Professionals is an amazing power team of language professionals who want to share their wins, their struggles and benefit from each other’s experiences.

In my role co-ordinating, managing and overseeing The Business Club for Language Professionals, I draw on decades of networking, industry expertise and professional coaching to make sure it’s a beneficial environment for everyone involved, offering help, support and advice wherever it’s needed.

Nathalie’s sessions are brilliantly structured, and the language professionals involved are just wonderful people. I’ve learnt an incredible amount from them too, through our discussions. We share our challenges, honestly and openly, and support each other. Once you see your fellow language professionals on fire, you’re immediately inspired to take action and go for your own goals.


Gabriella Ferenczi

German & Hungarian Coach and Organizer of Language Professional Network, London

An amazing session. This was not just dry facts, universally applied. Nathalie supported us with compassion and advice based on personal experience. I gained clarity and better vision on where I want to go – it’s exactly what I needed!

Concetta Laquintana

Professional Coach

Everyone needs their tribe to help bring out the best of themselves.

Why not let The Business Club for Language Professionals be that tribe?

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