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One of the U.K.’s leading modern language entrepreneurs

I’m Nathalie Danon

I arrived in the UK in September 2000 with a failed degree from a French law school, with just a suitcase and a little money in my pocket, but with big ambitions to make the most of my bilingualism.

Two years later and deluded by office jobs, I placed an ad in a village shop offering French lessons. One call came in and that was it!

When I realised just how much I loved teaching languages, I focused my efforts and formed my first company: Bleu Blanc Rouge. For six years, I taught French in primary schools in the UK across three different counties, running clubs and teaching individuals.

By the end, I was working with 625 students every week! But I began to be frustrated by the limitations that came from being on the road (term-time only sessions, limited resources etc) and started to explore ways of improving the learning environments, through immersion and consistency.

The result was to grow the business into a language academy and The VICI Language Academy was born in July 2008.

I am here to help you turn your love of languages into profit

I work hard to make sure life is fun! Any job done with a smile is more enjoyable than one completed with a frown – to use a French expression, I think it is my ‘joie de vivre’ that inspires others to be passionate about doing something they love.

My staff recently complimented me for my resilience (a must have for anyone running a small business!) and for my ability to just get stuff done!

I would also hope that my continuous approach to learning and development inspires others, along with my lack of inhibition when it comes to asking for help.

So, if you are a language school owner looking for growth, a ‘one-man-band’ language tutor thinking of opening your own language school or a secondary school teacher fed up with the education system but still loving languages and wanting to make a difference, then we may be a good fit.

I am here to help you turn your love of languages into profit, by learning the skills you need to make a sustainable business using my experience, lessons learnt and highs & lows of being a modern language entrepreneur!

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Nat x
“I arrived in the UK in 2000 with a suitcase, a little money in my pocket and a big ambition to make the most of my bilingualism.”

I’ve done the hard work…

…and I have the scars to prove it!
Over the last 19 years, I have grown two successful and profitable  Language businesses. I know what works and what doesn’t.

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