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Investing in myself and working with Nathalie was positively the best money I have ever spent. The knowledge I have gained on how to run my English academy is absolutely priceless to me. Especially regarding marketing.  I now have more tools to
grow my business to the next level.

Marie-France Samba
Shakespeare Kids Academy, Paris

what’s your current situation?

Are you a language school owner looking for growth?

A freelance tutor, teacher, trainer or coach looking to generate the right income to support the lifestyle you’re after?

One-man band tutor thinking of opening your own language school, yet unsure of where to start?

A secondary school teacher fed up with the system but still loving languages and wanting to make an impact?




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“As someone in the beginning stages of my entrepreneurial career, it has been so helpful to have Nathalie as a sounding board for all the stages of developing my language coaching business.

She’s incredibly responsive and a superb big-picture thinker! When I’ve felt stuck on a particular aspect of my business, I know I can count on her to have plenty of ideas on how to move forward.”

Melissa Chapman
Neurolanguage Coach, USA

My Services


Breakout Session

Let’s get together for a few hours only and I will help you address key issues and determine what is needed for your business to go forward and deliver better results. Limited scope yet maximum impact.

One to One Coaching

Do you need to understand business system and procedures better? Do you aspire to be better at sales and marketing? The support and straight talk from someone who’s been there and done it will be invaluable.

Group Mastermind

Two minds are better than one, and how about three, four or even ten?! Stay focused, committed and accountable by joining a Mastermind group with like-minded business owners and language specialists.

Who am I?

Recently I was nominated for an award as ‘inspirational businesswoman’ and asked why would others describe me as such?

I hope that my energy and commitment to my company, The VICI Language Academy, are what stand out to others.

Running a successful small business means taking a holistic approach to work and life. I have always managed to juggle the many plates that come with being an entrepreneurial single mum.


How would you like me to help you?