Success doesn’t just happen, it’s planned for…


What do you need to do?

Who do you want to become?

You should be unapologetic about your goals and desires, and get comfortable about your journey as a language professional.

If you need half a day or a full day breakout session to understand where your businesses is and where you want to be (and it’s perfectly fine to not be 100% clear on that!), then give yourself time to work through this and I’ll be sat by your side to ease through that process.

4 to 7 hours together and a follow-up call a month later to help you get clear on your next step to move your business forward, with practical tips and advice too to implement asap.

Sessions from £475

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“We had such an amazing day last week learning how to take our language business to new heights with brilliant Nathalie.

This was not just dry facts, universally applied coaching. Nathalie tried to understand the heart of our business so she could tailor-make our new plan. She supported us with compassion (as we all make mistakes) and advice based on personal experience.

We ended the day completely exhausted but inspired! We gained clarity and better vision where we want to go and even got a map to show us how to get there.

Follow up call in four weeks! Kick in the behind, accountability – it’s exactly what I needed!”

Thank you Nathalie from Concetta, James and Nina


“What a fantastic day! After meeting Nathalie briefly at a Languages expo in London, I knew instinctively that she had the drive, motivation and personality to give me the much needed ‘kick up the behind’ to get out of my comfort zone and pave the way to start putting things in motion for my next professional chapter.

Have gained a great deal of clarity and confidence and being able to share a lot, in a non-judgemental and supportive environment was the icing on the cake of a very productive session.

Inspirational is an understatement when describing Nathalie. Thank you.”

From Claudine Angear


A LOT can be achieved in 12 months, but in order to make that happen, you need to know exactly what direction you’re headed, and where you want to get to.

And that’s where I want to help, which is why I regularly together a Planning & Goal Setting Workshop, which I host virtually.

During the workshop, we focus on your business goals for the year ahead and put a practical plan in place to help you achieve them.

We break down the activity you need to be doing into bitesize monthly chunks, to ensure that you stay on track throughout the whole year and have your most productive and profitable year yet.

In essence, the process I take you through is three-fold:

Get complete clarity on your goals for the next year

By the end of the session, you know exactly what your goals are, both personally and financially.

Develop an actual plan to achieve those goals

Goals mean nothing without a plan to achieve them, and we’re going to get very practical here on the exact things you need to be doing to get to where you want.

Give you proven strategies that ensure you stay on track and actually implement everything you need

It’s easy to get blown off course, but I show you how to ensure that doesn’t happen to you, with some proven methods for keeping focus and staying productive.

All this delivered in a friendly, workshop-style format, so you’ll have plenty of opportunity to ask questions and contribute to the discussion.

To secure your place 

For the next workshop or if you’ve got any more questions before you make your investment, email me: and I’ll be happy to answer them for you.

“I joined this workshop because I wanted to force myself to sit down and focus on what exactly I need to do next year to move my language business forward. I now have a very concrete list of dates in my notebook for the next quarter, together with sales targets. Honestly, my head is hurting but I got so much out of this it’s been hugely helpful to help me move forward!”

Gabriella, Owner of Prolingua, London

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