“No two minds ever come together without, thereby, creating a third, invisible, intangible force which may be likened to a third mind.”
Napoleon Hill

Mastermind Group

The concept of mastermind was first introduced by Napoleon Hill, in his book ‘ Think and grow rich’
(a must-read when running your own business) in 1937 – so clearly not a new concept!

I’ve been part of 3 mastermind groups myself over the past few years and I believe in it greatly.

Community    Trust    Support    Integrity    Collaboration
Network    Learning    Thinking big!

your own ‘trusted’ team

I run a mastermind group for language professionals looking to stay focused, committed and mostly accountable to the rest of their trusted ‘team’.

Every other month to allow time for solid implementation


Add-on monthly support with webinar and private Facebook group


Language professionals vetted upon application to ensure homogeneity of the group


One day to work on “your” business surrounded by “your” people


Online meeting for convenience and to allow members from any European countries to join us

“Two amazing things: taught me the business skills to take full advantage of my experience as a language teacher and the confidence to follow my passion for life coaching. Revelatory!”

Joanna Newman

English Language Teacher and Holistic Coach, Spain

“As a freelance translator setting out in business for the first time, being part of Nathalie’s mastermind has really helped me to analyse what I want from my business, while giving me plenty of ideas for how to make this happen! The monthly exercises and group discussions have helped me to pinpoint the services I want to offer and identity my ideal client base, as well as determining the best way to present and promote my services on social media. Starting out in business has involved a lot of unknowns, but being part of the mastermind has given me the chance to navigate these as part of a supportive and knowledgeable community.”

Rosie Eyre

Translator, England

“The magic that happens in the room when, collectively, other people try and solve your problems… is simply POWER!”

Are you an ambitious language professional looking to join a mastermind group?

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