Yes, I know, this is a bit of a strange statement coming from me! And yet, I truly mean it.


I have been working hard in and on my language business for the last 17 years now. I am a true entrepreneur. With the good and the bad. I think big, I take risks, I want everything to have happened yesterday and I have one shinny new idea a minute about potential directions for my business.

So, I need help.


I need to brainstorm with my business partner, my coach and my team.


I need prioritising.


I need scheduling.


I need planning.

I love working with motivated language professionals; some are already at an advanced stage of their business journey, others are just starting out.

I have now been coaching for 4 years.

Let me tell you what my biggest takeway with my coaching clients has been so far:

So many of the language professionals I am surrounded by have wonderfully creative ideas on how to grow their business; they are passionate and hard working.

But they overthink everything. As a result, fear is winning and nothing happens.

That thinking gives them a false sense of control and what they need to realise is that the only way to take control is to GET Things DONE! (rather than think about what needs to get done).

I am convinced that that is why our Business Breakthrough Event was so successful last week-end.

Language professionals came along to think about their specific goals (personal and professional); they broke them down in small chunks with a list of tasks to action upon as soon as the following Monday!

Of course, I encouraged them to think big. BUT, I want them to avoid having goals that feel so insurmountable for now and in such a distant future that only ‘thinking’ takes place in their head. It feels too big, too far away… Then they tell themselves they ‘can’t do it’, they are likely to fail…

You need to GROW in what you want.

What is your main BIG goal? The one that energises you, yet scares you a little (or a lot!)?


Now, explore things along the path of what excites you.

Take things slow. Break it down.

It has to happen one small step at a time.

And that is what we do in our Breakthrough Business Workshops and why it is crucial to meet quarterly. it is of course not compulsory and some may feel like attending less. But I will be there, 4 times per year, to help others ‘follow their energies’ and help them put a plan together to stay in that ‘sphere’ and be successful in business.

  • The next one is on the 2nd of November.
  • Same place: a beautiful French Brasserie in the City in London (very quiet on Saturday so we have plenty of private space to ourselves and the food is gorgeous (and, on me!)
  • You can book now.