I’m Nathalie Danon

Professional Language and Business Coach

Would You Like Me To Personally Work Hand-In-Hand With You To Grow Your Business, Help You Make More Sales And Generate The Income And Lifestyle You Want?

If you answered yes to all of these, then please read on as the elite growth programme was made just for you

If you’re a language professional, a freelance language tutor, interpreter or translator and you’re serious about growing your business, then keep reading, because I’m going to share something brand new that can and will have a profound impact on a select group of language professionals.

It’ll help you get more customers…

Charge higher fees…

Improve retention rates…

Get out of the day-to-day…

Take more money out of your business and improve your lifestyle as a result…

If you’re reading this, you probably know my story –
I landed in England in the year 2000 with no contacts, no previous work experience and certainly not an education background.

The only string to my bow was the fact that I was bilingual.

And after bumbling around for a bit, doing jobs I hated, I decided to give language coaching a try.

As they say, the rest is history.

Over the years, I’ve built my language coaching business up from nothing to a thriving language academy, both online and in-person and more recently I’ve set up an office in France that is going from strength to strength.

It hasn’t been easy.

There have been times where I felt like jacking it in and heading back to France.

But I’ve persevered. I’ve learnt. I’ve studied. I’ve sought out the biggest and best mentors in the business growth space.

And all of that time, effort and energy have paid dividends – I now run a great business, enjoy a fantastic lifestyle and am able to more than provide for me and my two handsome (and hungry) boys!

As my success grew, so did the requests for help from other language professionals.

They saw my Academy in Newbury and wanted to know how I’d been able to build it.

So I started doing a spot of ad-hoc consultancy, working with a handful of other language professionals, helping them grow their business too.

And I enjoyed it. A lot. It was so rewarding to see my advice being put into practice, and hugely satisfying to see them attract more clients and generate more income thanks to my guidance.

But there were two problems:

1. I didn’t have enough time to help the people I wanted to help.

What with running a busy, thriving language school and being a single mum to two boys, I don’t have a lot of spare time.

And whilst I’m currently able to consult with a handful of clients, I wanted to be able to do more.

2. Working with me isn’t cheap

As the saying goes, ‘you get what you pay for’, and I guess you won’t be surprised to learn that working with me 1:1 is a fair old investment.

Yes, the clients who can afford to work with me get fantastic value, but the truth is that there are many ambitious language coaches who simply aren’t in a financial position to pay me for consulting.

Two big problems, right?

Thankfully, there is a solution.

I’ve been involved in many ‘business growth’ organisations over the years, and one of the things that I’ve benefitted hugely from is group coaching.

(In fact, that’s a key part of the way I’ve grown VICI too)

Rather than just learning 1:1, you work with a coach and a carefully selected group, learning and growing together.

Often you find that you learn just as much from the other businesses in the room as you do from the mentor, and by rubbing shoulders with others in the same industry to you, ideas and inspiration flow easily.

Anyway, long story short, I thought long and hard about how I could solve my two problems, and came up with:

The Elite Business Growth Programme for Language Professionals.

Over six months, I’ll be there to teach you tactics and strategies to help you grow your language business, ensure you implement them, and support you every step of the way.

Here’s how:

Fortnightly Zoom Sessions

Every fortnight, we’ll meet up for a 120-minute live Zoom call, alternating between a topic-based call, where I deliver valuable content that you can action in your business, and an implementation and accountability-based call, where we ensure you’re making progress and doing what you say you’re going to do.

Unlimited Support

In between meetings, I’ll be available for unlimited support on WhatsApp, email and Facebook chat to guide and support you, but I won’t become your marketing department – the whole point of this Programme is to equip you with what you need to grow your business in the way that I have done.


A key part of the Programme will be the support and help you get from your peers.  We’ll have a private WhatsApp and Facebook group, where you’ll be able to ask questions, get answers and gain value from talking to people on exactly the same journey as you.

‘On The Pulse’ Information

I haven’t stopped learning and growing – I work closely with a leading marketing consultancy for small businesses that provide me with help and advice that actually works, and I’m part of another academy that helps me specifically with goals, ambition and habits of success. 

As a Programme Member, you’ll benefit from the very best of this ‘on the pulse’ information, which I’ll share with you as and when.

What my existing clients think…

“As someone in the beginning stages of my entrepreneurial career, it has been so helpful to have Nathalie as a sounding board for all the stages of developing my language coaching business.

She’s incredibly responsive and a superb big-picture thinker! When I’ve felt stuck on a particular aspect of my business, I know I can count on her to have plenty of ideas on how to move forward.”

Melissa Chapman

Neurolanguage Coach, USA

“Nathalie is a talented linguist and businesswomen. She is pretty unique in my opinion with her coaching for language professionals. She knows her stuff!”

Melissa Baxter

Language Tutor, UK

“Investing in myself and working with Nathalie was positively the best money I have ever spent. The knowledge I have gained on how to run my English academy is absolutely priceless to me. Especially regarding marketing. I now have more tools to grow my business to the next level.“

Marie-France Samba

English Language Trainer, France

What will The Elite Business Growth Programme for Language Professionals cover?

Each month, we’ll focus on a different topic, and every session will be full of actionable, practical material designed to make a real, tangible difference to your business. Here’s what we’ll be covering:


Module 1: Mindset & Organisation

If you can’t get your mindset right, you’ll struggle to get anything else right.

That’s why we’ll focus on helping you declutter your headspace, removing anything that’s going to get in the way of you achieving your goals.

This isn’t all theory – there are lots of techniques I’ve used over the years to improve mindset and ensure I’m hugely productive, and I’ll share them all with you, as well as explaining exactly how you can implement them.

Module 2: Setting Goals

If you don’t know where you want to get to; you’ve got little chance of getting there.

Personal and professional goal-setting has been the key to my success.

I’ll show you exactly how to set goals in a way that gives you the very best chance of making them happen AND provide you with the business maths equations you need to do to ensure you get where you want to be.

And once I know what your goals are, I’ll be on you like white on rice to ensure you achieve them.

Module 3: Your Audience

The single biggest mistake most language professionals make is failing to truly define their market, understanding who they should and shouldn’t be working with and ensuring that their marketing communicates powerfully to the right people.

We’ll do a deep-dive into the products and services you offer, ensuring they match up perfectly with your market, as well as making sure your company identify and brand is powerful and trustworthy.

Module 4: Your Packages & Pricing

There’s little doubt that the way I’ve built and sold packages, and the prices I’ve charged for them have been a major factor in my success.

Ultimately this comes down to building a powerful value proposition and communicating it to the right people, and we’ll walk through this step by step, as well as ensuring that you charge what you’re actually worth, and remove any mental obstacles in the way of you charging higher prices.

Module 5: Your Marketing Mix

The world of marketing can be a minefield – there are new options available all the time, and it can be really difficult to know where to focus your time and budget.

However, if you want to graduate from relying on referrals and word of mouth, then it’s vital you get marketing sorted, and we’ll do exactly that during the Programme.

From where you should be marketing through to exactly what you should be saying, I’ll walk you through exactly what I’ve done to grow my business, sharing specific marketing examples that you can swipe and deploy in your business.

Module 6: Your Sales Model

Business doesn’t work without sales, yet far too few language professionals invest time to get really good at sales.

Sales have been the number one reason for my success, and it’s still where I spend a huge majority of my time, and during the Programme, I share with you my precise sales process, a well as sales techniques to help you get the sale over the line, and how to convert lukewarm leads into paying customers.

Is The Elite Business Growth Programme for you?

Let me be very honest: this Programme isn’t for everyone.

If you’re entirely happy with where you’re currently at, and you’d happily remain at this level for the rest of your career, this isn’t for you.

But if you want more – more customers, more profit, more income – then it is DEFINITELY right for you.

I’m ambitious and driven, and I want to work with language coaches who share those values, so if that’s you, we’ll get along.

Your Investment

If you’ve read this far, then you’re most likely interested, and just wondering what the cost is.

As I mentioned, one of the key reasons why I launched this Programme is because I wanted to ensure that my advice and support was more accessible.

A one-day consultancy session with me costs £875, while my monthly 1:1 retainer client pays an average of £1455.

I’ve deliberately priced this Programme way lower than that to make it easier for people to take action, and I’m able to do so because I’ll be working with multiple coaches at the same time.

As a result, joining the Programme is an investment of just £287 a month or £1435 upfront.

Get just one new customer that stays for 18 months, and you’ll have recouped your investment, and if you’re thinking you don’t charge enough to make that work, then don’t worry – I’ll be showing you how you can increase your prices during the Programme.

Of course, I expect you to get way more than one customer, and that’s why I’m happy to put a cast-iron guarantee on the Programme:


If you absorb all of the information and support from the Programme, join me on each module and take advantage of your unlimited access to me, and you don’t acquire at least three new customers as a result within six months of the Programme’s conclusion, I’ll give you all your money back.

Anyway, back to your investment.

As I said, the Programme is an investment of just £287 a month, but one of the things you learn in marketing is that urgency results in action.

That’s why, when you take action by 8 pm on July 30th, you’ll get a £30 monthly discount, making your investment just £257 a month, or £1287 upfront.

And that’s not all. Take advantage even quicker, by July 23rd, and you’ll also get a free ticket to my two-day flagship Pro Languages event, normally a cost of £134.

It’s Decision Time

Right, I’ve said my piece. Now it’s up to you.

As I said before, this Programme isn’t right for everyone.

If you’re happy with your current turnover and profit, you don’t want to make positive changes to your lifestyle, live in a bigger house, driver a nicer car or go on more holidays, then this is definitely not for you.

But if you’re driven, ambitious, and you see the benefit in working closely with someone who’s been there, done that and got the t-shirt as you accelerate towards your goals, then I’d be glad to have you.

Clearly it’s vital that I get the balance of this group right, which is why the next stage is an application call.

We’ll spend 10-15 minutes chatting about your business, what you want to achieve and whether we’re a good fit, and if we’re both happy to go ahead at that point, a spot on the Programme is yours.

To book that call, just click the button below.

But remember, to secure your discount, you’ll need to apply before July 30th, and to grab a free ticket to Pro Languages too, you’ll need to apply before July 23rd.

Thanks for reading; hopefully I’ll see you on the inside.