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9 March. 7:30 pm. GMT

Language Professionals Unite • online event

Yesterday, early evening, I had a car accident.

I’m okay.

Feeling shaken up and my beloved Land Rover is now in need of a fair amount of TLC! Driving an English car in France is not always very practical! Yet nothing insurmountable if, unlike me, you’re careful at junctions!

Do I need more driving lessons?
Should I be learning from UK driving experts in France?


I just need to remember that:

Sh*t happens.

We can’t control everything, every single second. It’s “only” a car (and a bit of pride and a hole in my bank account!).

I won’t miss my niece’s birthday at the weekend because friends and family have offered lifts.

I have a great car insurance that has promised to sort everything out within 48 hours.

So I don’t need to learn to drive again – or differently – I need support and a plan of action to get things sorted so I can confidently be on my way, again, very soon.

Reflecting on this in the early hours of this morning, I actually feel that it’s the same thing for many of us, language professionals out there, running our own businesses.

There will be bumps.
Sh*t will happen more often than we wish it would!


Do we need yet another course? Another challenge? Another programme?


Do we need support? An energising environment? Accountability and a real plan of action?

I’d like to invite you to share your thoughts over a nice glass of something • or strong coffee • depending on where you are in the world.
Join me, Next Tuesday. 9 March. 7:30 pm. GMT

Let’s discuss!

“As a language professional running your own business, what and where are your main business references? Source of inspiration? Level of support?”

You can register for free HERE now.

See you then!


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