Paulo Coelho once said: “If you think big, your world will be big.” As entrepreneurs and business owners, this is a message we hear again and again: the power of thinking BIG.

Today, for once, I want to talk about the benefits of thinking small.

I’ve been coaching and mentoring for 5 years now. Most of my clients have wonderfully creative ideas on how to grow their business; they are passionate and hard working. But let me tell you what one of my most frequent themes has been:

A big idea is just that: an idea. It doesn’t count for anything if that’s all it remains.

Achieving ‘BIG’ can sometimes feel like reaching the peak of a mountain: an insurmountable challenge. You don’t know where to start… so you don’t start at all.

But every journey begins by taking one step. Sometimes the key to achieving big is to think small!

Here’s a pretty simple exercise I sometimes take my coaching clients through.


Think of one of your main big goals: one that energises you but also scares you a little (or a lot!).


Now, break it down into a series of smaller goals.


Then for each smaller goal, identify a list of actionable tasks.


Put hard deadlines against those tasks. Revisit them often.

I guarantee that with this approach, every small success takes you closer to achieving a big goal.

And does thinking small mean you can’t get to the top of that huge mountain? Absolutely not! It’s just that to get there, you don’t fly… you climb!

If you are a language professional looking to put some serious planning into your big ideas, you might like to meet me and fellow language pros at Cote Brasserie in the City of London on the 2nd of November.

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